Liberating Africans. Changing lives

Dyzrupt LTD is formed by a diverse team of dedicated entrepreneurs, academics, and other professionals who understand Africa’s unique challenges.

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About Us

Dyzrupt LTD is an International Business Company established in Seychelles and founded with the objective to use Blockchain-driven innovations to foster wealth creation for Africans and beyond, with a special emphasis on women.

Empowering women, changing lives

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Dyzrupt offers anyone an opportunity to stake DYZ token and get rewarded

Vote Entrepreneurs

Vote for entrepreneurs to get funding to boost and startup businesses across Africa. Voting is in-app and blockchain-based.

Asset Swap

Dyzrupt offers anyone to cross swap within the app with instant liquidity. Assests including DYZ, ETH and USDN.

Q4 2019

  • • Soft Launch

Q1 -Q3 2020

  • • Exclusive Crypto Investment Advisory
  • • Dyzrupt A1 dApp development

Q4 2020

  • • Dyzrupt A1 dApp initial public release

Q1 2021

  • • Team Expansion
  • • A1 dApp Update
  • • Dyzswap Development
  • • Marketing

Q2 2021

  • • Partnership Announcement 1
  • • Dyzswap Public Release
  • • Partnership Announcement 2

Q3 2021

  • • Dyzrupt project relaunch
  • • Exchange listing
  • • Partnerships
  • • P2P Exchange launch
  • • Onboarding merchants
  • • Dyzrupt dApp update (IOS)

Q4 2021

  • • Dyzawe season 1
  • • Dyzawe DECIA
  • • DyzSocial White Paper Release
  • • DyzCredits Farming

Q4 2021

  • • TBA

Q1 2022

  • • TBA

Why Dyzrupt?

Near Zero Fee

Transaction fee is less than $2 on Dyzrupt app.

Instant Confirmations

It takes less than 3 mins to validate and confirm transactions on Dyzrupt app.


All transactions and account activity are open to public aud.


Dyzrupt smart contract is verified audited


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